Born in New Zealand, 1971

Dave Sotogi (signed deSotogi) is an exciting and innovative artist who is making waves in the art world. Dave Sotogi is of Samoan descent and born and raised on Auckland's North Shore.  

Sotogi worked in the graphic design field for over a decade before transitioning to the more tactile oil based medium. He developed his eye for strong composition, engaging imagery and symbolism from his time in the graphic design industry. Naturally finessed with painting processes he didn't struggle transitioning to fine art. In fact, Sotogi had rapid success in the art market, selling works to collectors from the beginning of his fine art career.

The artist credits personal perseverance and commitment to exploring the possibilities of the oil medium; over formal training and engagement with art world trends. He pushes his repertoire continually crossing bravely between abstract subjects and more tightly composed imagery, leading his body of work to have broad appeal to a wide audience. Key to Sotogi's works is his mastery of colour combinations that create atmosphere and evoke emotion. Working solely with oil on canvas, Sotogi creates rich and luminous pictorial surfaces.

To date Sotogi's work has been collected the world over by art lovers on most continents and even found on the walls of international and New Zealand celebrities including: Inga Tuigamala, Valerie Adams, Temepara George, Graham Henry, Brendon Pongia, Ruben Wiki, Ben Mitchell, DJ Forbes and Natasha Beddingfield.